Legacy Senior Center Proposal on Post Road

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October 1, 2018
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October 1, 2018

Legacy Senior Center Proposal on Post Road

A large amount of information on this proposal can be researched on the links at the end of this article. Read the documents attached to each of the links for detailed information.  There are currently 3 linked proposals associated with this Senior Center that began in 2013. Please keep an eye on Jessica Thorsen who keeps updates visible on Nextdoor. The most recent meeting has provided the following information:

Info Presented:

  • This Application is two-fold. The revised CUP (CP180018) is for a variance to increase the sf that can be owned by a single business to 97,000 SF. The Zoning Amendment Application (which I don’t believe will require review through the Planning Commission but comes into play from last night’s meeting) is to remove the zoning condition from ZA3651 (2013) that requires the developer to construct a left turn lane into Dressage & increases the number of units to 120 from 63.
  • Reason for increase- increase of building costs from around $110/ SF to +/- $175/SF
  • All full-time resident+/-60 total employees, 30 at any given time.
  • Near residential areas to serve families.
  • Deliveries about 2-3 times/week but limited to times in zoning conditions.
  • Footprint remains the same as 2013 request.  Previously this was a 2 story section for assisted living and 1 story for memory care.  The future plan is for the entire building to 2 stories.
  • Build time will be about 14 months, but the start date is not yet determined

Pain Points:

  • Traffic (easily the #1 concern)
  • Watershed/Sewer to the back corner of the lot toward Wynfield Subdivision
  • Light Pollution
  • Removal of mature trees on property

There is a new meeting in October and will send out an update once we have that information. You can review more information regarding this proposal on these links:




There are a few important pieces of this proposal that may affect our neighborhood.

Some of the concerning items are parking lot lights that may be visible, especially without maintaining trees between the neighborhood and the center. Also, there is a septic/sewage system that is designed to be placed against the edge of our neighborhood. Please keep an eye on this proposal to help preserve our beautiful and peaceful neighborhood!

Cheri Fleming
Cheri Fleming
Board Of Directors