Are You Planning Outdoor Upgrades to Your Home?

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December 7, 2019
Is Your Home Up for Sale or a Refinance?
December 7, 2019

Are You Planning Outdoor Upgrades to Your Home?


Don’t forget to contact the Architectural Control Committee for approval.

Improving our homes, when done correctly, improves the property value and even the neighbor’s home value too. However, your Homeowner’s Association helps aid in maintaining neighborhood quality with minor restrictions to protect you from changes that can negatively impact your home’s value. So, what projects do you need to request approval for?

  • Adding a shed or other structure
  • Any major landscaping changes
  • Adding a Fence
  • Changing your deck or patio
  • Adding on to your home or garage
  • Changing any curbing or paving
  • Changes to exterior color scheme
  • Changing outdoor appearance of any kind

Review the Wynfield Covenants at before starting the project and email with a detailed description of your planned project for approval. The neighborhood is loving all these home upgrades! Keep up the great work!

Cheri Fleming
Cheri Fleming
Board Of Directors