Please Don’t SPEED in Wynfield!

The Little Yamaroody Library
October 1, 2018
Neighborly Neighbors
October 1, 2018

Please Don’t SPEED in Wynfield!

School has begun again!

Kids are walking in our Wynfield streets every morning and afternoon at a variety of times based on children’s ages and classes. They are also visiting friends, playing with pets, and riding scooters and bicycles after school.

It is disturbing that I have seen multiple drivers going through our stop signs without slowing down or stopping. I have also been walking my child to or from the bus stop when I have witnessed drivers traveling much too fast without slowing down around us.

We do not have sidewalks in our neighborhood, so many neighbors are walking with children or walking/jogging for exercise on our streets every day.  Protecting the safety of everyone in our neighborhood, it is essential that we acknowledge and follow these listed requests from Keep Kids Alive:

  • Drive slower and stay under 25mph!
  • Especially slow down and drive around neighbors and children walking on streets.
  • Be aware – If you hit a pedestrian:

At 20 mph – 5% will die

At 30 mph – 45% will die

At 40 mph – 85% will die

  • Follow the law and stay off your cell phone while driving.

Continued speeding in our neighborhood will result in local police to begin supervising and addressing this issue on our behalf.


Cheri Fleming
Cheri Fleming
Board Of Directors