RED OAK Sanitation Discounts!

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January 9, 2019
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January 9, 2019

RED OAK Sanitation Discounts!

Do you have Red Oak services yet?
We have some information for savings YOU can collect as part of Wynfield Neighborhood!

We have selected a 3 year contract with Red Oak services following a neighborhood poll that reflected an interest in that option.

The contract is 3 years of commitment between Red Oak and the HOA to preserve pricing and service. The Contract will be solidified in March 2019 if we have met the Red Oak’s contract requirement of at least 80% of Wynfield to be part of the program.

The pricing is $13 for Trash only and $16 for Trash and Recycling with a waived setup fee (is normally $20). The 3 yr contract allows up to 5% increase each year, which would be less than $1 each year. We would love to be able to lock down this contract and preserve the best price for our neighborhood. If you do not have Red Oak service, call them right away!

(770) 536-7868

To secure our contract with Red Oak Sanitation, at LEAST 80% of our neighborhood must be a part of the discounted services from Red Oak. We are currently at the 60% mark of our Wynfield neighbors working with Red Oak!
So, what are the real benefits?
Well, here is the inside scoop.
• We get to secure the lower rates.
• We also reduce the trash trucks driving noisily through our neighborhood.
• Red Oak becomes more responsible for any messes or troubles seen as they will be our primary trash service.
We still need at least 20% more of our neighbors to benefit from Red Oak rates to solidify the 3 year contract.

Do you have services with Red Oak?
If not, don’t hesitate to join today!!!

Cheri Fleming
Cheri Fleming
Board Of Directors