Wynfield Pool Cabanas and Concrete Upgrade

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April 18, 2017
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March 10, 2018

Wynfield Pool Cabanas and Concrete Upgrade

Written by Darren Chase          

Stop by and check out the newest improvements to your pool!

When asked, most people responded that they avoid the wooden deck at the pool, because it is too hot to touch by midday. The deck is a major part of the pool’s seating/sunning area. We can all agree that it really needs to be usable throughout the Summer.
Former HOA President, Jim Marinelli, accepted the challenge to make the deck more functional for our residents. As a solution, the HOA has designed and installed three new shade cabanas. The decision will ensure that the majority of the deck remains cool, out of the sun, and available for use.

The canopies are custom made by Peachtree Awnings.

Each freestanding structure is made of square tube aluminum with 4 posts and a hip roof. The tops are covered in a rugged, long lasting Sunbrella fabric that measure 10ft x 14ft and are designed to withstand the strong winds that sometimes occur. The tents are evenly distributed across the deck leaving space for a few loungers between each. People can still use the deck for sunning and the access ramp remains available for use. Parents can now sit comfortably under the shade while their kids swim the day away!

Pool deck repair has been successful!

Our pool deck and covered areas were resurfaced in 2016 after the season closed out. The HOA chose a concrete material called Kool Deck that is cooler than concrete and should save those bathing suit bottoms! It is also more stain resistant and durable than other pool deck surfaces.