Cheri Fleming

December 7, 2019

Is Your Home Up for Sale or a Refinance?

Your Financial Agent may need info from the HOA to finish the closing or refinance Are you selling your home or refinancing the mortgage? Then I am sure you are in need of extra information from the HOA to complete the transactions in play. Some mortgage programs may request a […]
December 7, 2019

Are You Planning Outdoor Upgrades to Your Home?

Don’t forget to contact the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Improving our homes, when done correctly, improves the property value and even the neighbor’s home value too. However, your Homeowner’s Association helps aid in maintaining neighborhood quality with minor restrictions to protect you from changes that can negatively impact your […]
December 7, 2019

Wynfield 2019 Upgrades

This year provided our Wynfield community with multiple upgrades to our community areas. Here is a quick breakdown of the work the HOA dues have covered. Changed our pool company to work with Integrity Pool Services. The pool maintenance has been consistent, and the pool has remained balanced all year! […]
December 7, 2019

Yamaroody Mama – Holiday Shopping

Hello everyone! It’s me again, your favorite Yamaroody Mama here! It’s winter! Our crazy weather went from summer to winter and basically skipped fall this year. You can feel the cold crisp air when you step outside. Everywhere you go, you see holiday decorations and we know that means the season […]